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    Best Hepatitis C Treatment Cure in India

    Medembassy,professional help patients to go abroad
    for the treatment of hepatitis C。

Treatment of hepatitis C in India

Treatment of hepatitis C in India use Gilead brand name drug sofosbuvir--”Sovaldi”, licensed production of 2nd generation hepatitis C drug“Harvoni”, and daclatavir by mylan production in India with Medembassy medical experts full-journey accompanying escort.

hepatitis C program

Medembassy cooperates with the Chinese Academy of Sciences

Our Cooperation with Chinese Academy of Sciences, brings uncured patients in our medical trip with accurate analysis of drug resistance, together with recommended subsequent precision treatment.

hepatitis C program

Medical tourism in India

The total cost is low to 38,000 RMB. 701 people registered. More than 400 patients with Medembassy to India.Hot line: (001)4152318413.

hepatitis C program
five major reasons to choose Medembassy.


Medembassy, professional help patients to go abroad for hepatitis C, the first, rich experience, in the domestic market share of the absolute leading. Currently has and more than the strength of the famous hospital such as India's max, Medanta, Fortis hospital and to establish a cooperative relationship, completely trustworthy. Best Treatment For Hepatitis C,Hep C Treatment Cure,Hepatitis C Treatment Cure,Hotline: (001)4152318413

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