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Our motto: first class hospitals + first class doctors + first class service + medicine of good quality = excellent cure rate

Service discipline and detailed procedure

Medical trip to India

Schedule of services

Whole-journey Medical companion with all-handled formalities. And all of the following costs is included In package fee except three items: tourism, upgrading to five-star hotels, and upgrading to first class cabins
Service type Item details Special notes
Abroad preparation Visa
Foreign experts appointment
Accompanying translator Written translation of medical file
Overseas accompanying medical interpreter
Life service Comprehensive outbound insurance Submit policy together with your visa.
At least four-star hotel accommodation and catering four-star Hotel in India, five-star hotel in Bangladesh.
Abroad life assistance
Abroad airport pick-up and drop-off.
All accompanied trip abroad
Overseas mobile phone calls
Socket converter
Outbound traffic Round trip ticket Can upgrade to first class
Treatment cost
Pre-treatment costs, including registration fees and laboratory tests.
Cost of treatment (hospital prescription+12 weeks of sofosbuvir.)
Review expenses, treatment and follow-up expenses, follow-up consultation fee.
Not included in the package cost
India Taj Mahal, and theBangladesh country Optional additional services

Treatment flow chart

All of the following procedures, you only need to handle the initial two - patient examination and personal passport, and entrusted all the rest to us.
Outbound preparation

·Patients examination

Go to the local formal hospital to finish examinations, so as to obtain the latest conditions for treatment. Or you just need to submit a group of most recent medical reports as follows:

1. Genotyping

2. HCV virus RNA quantity

3. Virus antibody

4. ultrasonic test

5. liver stiffness measurement

6. complete blood count

7. liver function

8. thyroid function

9. coagulation test

10. alpha fetal protein

11. renal function (creatinine)

· Passport application

Go to the local immigration department for personal passports, processing duration is about a week.

· Determine hospital for treatment

According to the results of the examination and the demands of patients, determine the most suitable hospital for patients among many cooperative hospitals.

· Medical file processing

Our professional medical assistants will processing the patient's latest examination results accurately and send to the foreign hospital to determine the treatment plan.

· Consultation appointment registration

We make appointment with the selected hospital in advance. Whether you choose medical journey only or a combo travel with tourism, you can determined your travel in advance, eliminating any waiting time.

· Visa processing

your personal information and other relevant documents, such as passports. Then we come on behalf of you to deal all the stuff you need abroad.

· Air ticket booking

We will help you reserve round-trip outbound ticket in advance, all you need to do is to remember taking your passport and go to the airport.

· Insurance management

whole-journey high insurance, for your additional safety guarantee.

· Preparation for travel

Informed our patients and their accompanying family members in advance of exotic customs, currency, clothing for each season and other detailed notes.

Medical accompanying service

Professional medical companion and guide

We will arrange one stop companion from departure and arrival.

Professional guidance and security solution

No worry in the whole journey.

·Overseas traffic

professional Airport-hotel shuttle and all-covered ground transportation service.

Cure tracking

Cure tracking

After the return back of our medical tour, we will track the patient's condition, to remind you to use the medicine on time, and review regularly.



We have established cooperation with a number of outstanding travel agencies, if you would like to have some travel time besides your treatment to experience the exotic culture, food, accommodation, transportation, entertainment, shopping and tour all can be arranged properly to bring you a worry-free trip.