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Harvoni Hepatitis C Treatment in India

        For 1, 4, 6, type c without interferon, it was the first to cure hepatitis c without the need for joint interferon hepatitis c drugs. For hepatitis c type 1 patients has a high cure rate of 95%, and side effects are very small, and also had a shorter treatment time.

How much is the harvoni

        For a long time, India has been called the "world pharmacy", generics industry is very developed. West expensive drugs a listed, some Indian pharmaceutical enterprises in the domestic patent law can protect the generic products. Price is very low, the price of drugs mainly depends on patent and the early stage of the development costs, Indian generics no research and development costs, so the price is very low, India's production of generic drugs and patent drug in dosage, safety, effectiveness, quality, function, to adapt to the disease in almost the same, so received the country people's welcome, are exported to some developed countries in the world like Africa, southeast Asia, etc., and received the heat welcome international medical organization, this led to the development of the whole industry, India is India's IT industry software and India is famous all over the world.

        Different parts of the price is different also, for the Indian local pharmacy, a box of about 2500 yuan, price relative to the United States a lot of cheap, this is why the popular