Therapeutic Drugs in India

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Service discipline and detailed procedure

Medical trip to India

Therapeutic drugs in India

MyHep LVIR (by Mylan) [Harvoni], sofosbuvir (brand name drug Sovaldi exported to India), and daclatasvir (by Mylan) for treatment of chronic hepatitis C.

Recommended combination option of therapy are as follows:

Genotyping Treatment plan treatment time
Genotyping 1
Gilead 2nd generation (MyHep LVIR)
(sofosbuvir + Ledipasvir)
12 weeks
sofosbuvir (Gilead)
+ daclatasvir (Mylan)
Genotyping 2
sofosbuvir (Gilead)
+ daclatasvir (Mylan)
12 weeks
Genotyping 3
sofosbuvir (Gilead)
+ daclatasvir (Mylan)
24 weeks
Genotyping 4
Gilead 2nd generation (MyHep LVIR)
(sofosbuvir + Ledipasvir)
12 weeks
Gilead 2nd generation (Ledifos)
(sofosbuvir + Ledipasvir)
12 weeks

For the destination:

Top five hospitals in India in Delhi : Fortis hospital(, Medanta hospital(

Treatment expert:

Famous medical expert, liver transplant specialist Dr.Neeraj Saraf in Medanta hospital .Dr. Gourdas Choudhuri, well-known expert, director of Department of Gastroenterology in Fortis hospital, whose published literature with total impact factors of 555.47. and are cited for 2123 times, is a Indian ultra first-class expert, and had communicating visits to China for many times after invitation of Medembassy.

All the expenses

38,000 RMB (MyHep LVIR for one course--7500 RMB and MD accompanying). It includes the cost of one course of drug (taken from pharmacy of Fortis or Medantan hospital), round-trip ticket, visa application,medical file translation, Indian medical expert appointment, the airport-hotel shuttle, abroad ground traffic and guide, hotel accommodation & meals, accompanying interpreter and full-trip comprehensive accident insurance fee and other expenses.

Our Indian medical trip characteristics:

a. Our doctors’ team will provide top professional consultation in China.

b. Medembassy Indian office commissioner accompanied Indian medical trip.

c. Cooperation with super hospitals--Fortis hospital and Medana hospital and their famous experts.

d. take medicine in hospital pharmacy, to ensure the quality of drugs.

e. VIP channel of top hospital , free of waiting and filling lists.

f. top luxury four-Star Hotel room and board.

g. In medical therapy duration, the doctors’ team will provide relevant counseling services.

h. Non-responsive patient, are provided for a free high-precision resistance test in Shanghai Institutes for Biological Sciences of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, and precision recommendation for follow-up therapy.

Note: gathering in Guangzhou or Hong Kong is convenience and cost-saving. (all expenses such as accompanied by each family member costs 7000 RMB, including airport and ground traffic, accompanying guide, foreign four-star hotel accommodation, life interpreter, visa and air ticket.)

Registration hotline: (001)4152318413


Day 1 flight to Delhi.

Day 2 Visit Indian top hospital--Fortis or Medanta. After expert diagnosis and prescription, take medicine in hospital pharmacy.

Day 3 Go backhome

Accommodation and food:

1. For each patient, we arrange a single room in four-star Hilton gardeninn hotel with first-class environment.

2. High standard lunch and dinner.

the registration preparation:

Patients or their relatives need to apply for their passports in advance.

Medical files required are listed below::


2. HCV virus RNA quantity

3. Virus antibody

4. ultrasonic test

5. liver stiffness measurement

6. complete blood count

7. liver function

8. thyroid function

9. coagulation test

10. alpha fetal protein

11. renal function (creatinine)

Details of the treatment services in India

Whole-journey Medical companion with all-handled formalities. And all of the following costs is included In package fee except four items: tourism, upgrading to five-star hotels, departure from local capital city of the province and upgrading to first class cabins
Item details Patient:38000 RMB Relative:7000 RMB Remarks
1. Basic living expenses and standards
1.1 Visa contain contain Indian visa processing need a week
1.2 travel guide and translation services contain contain
1.3 insurance contain contain
1.4 Los Angeles round-trip ticket to Delhi. contain contain
1.5 airplane pick-up / drop-off service for once, with 80 kilometers of trip mileage car service in India per day contain contain
1.6 accommodation (basic standard for 500 RMB / person per day, Indian four-star hotel) contain contain Accommodation upgraded to 5 stars (+300/ person per day)
1.7 supply of food (standard for 200 RMB / person per day) contain contain
1.8 India mobile phone +1000 rupees phone charges contain contain
1.9 India socket converter contain contain
2 health care related programs and standards
2.1 medical file translation contain
Before going abroad
2.2 both sides determine the medical institution in India contain
2.3 Indian expert appointment contain
During the period in India
2.4 1-3 times outpatient clinic service in Indian weekdays contain
2.5 famous hospital--Fortis or Medanta experts consultation and prescription contain
2.6 12 weeks of medicine fee: Harvoni (Sofosbuvir + Ledipasvir) contain For patients who need to take 24 weeks of medication, additional 7500 RMB will be charged on the basis of the package
After returning to home
2.7 patient follow-up services contain
3 travel related expenses
3.1 New Delhi half day travel with translation service contain contain
3.2 a day at Taj Mahal, special car and guide Pay extra 3000 RMB