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Medical Tourism in India

        In a recent United Nations report on services, said India is becoming the world's most popular medical tourism destinations. According to the report, in recent years, India's medical tourism every year attracts tens of foreign patients. What is a medical tourism? Medical tourism development prospects in India?

        What support is so confident about the prospects for their medical tourism in India? The personage inside course of study is generally believed that patients accept the service of the "first world" in India, but the price of the "third world" to enjoy. In particular, India has three "magic weapon" is enough to make it become medical tourism resort.

         First of all, is the world's leading medical level. Although India's most public hospital is poor, average every 1000 people in less than a hospital bed, but see a new emerging private hospitals. Mr Scott hospital's skyscrapers, tree-lined. Not far from the Apollo hospitals far look like a palace, all kinds of advanced medical equipment can be found in the room. Terry says, India's most private hospital conditions than Europe and the United States metropolitan hospital is poor, or even beyond. In addition, the medical quality assured is the key to attract people. Last year Mr Scott hospital 4200 cases of heart surgery, only 0.8% mortality rate, infection rate was only 0.3%, in the developed countries, the same surgical mortality of 1.2% on average, infection rate was 1%.

        The second is the very low medical price. Medicine in the United States for more than 20 years of Apollo hospital Anna moko, says a nuclear magnetic resonance imaging (mri) scan in the United States need to $700, only $60 in India. According to the confederation of Indian industry, according to a report of India's fee is typically 1/10 of the European and American countries. Mr Maciel from Britain after heart bypass surgery in a private hospital in bangalore said happily: "the surgery need 19000 pounds in Britain, but also have to wait in line half a year, took only 4800 pounds, here also includes round-trip airfare."

        Again is the medical staff who can speak English. Much of the country's medical staff can speak English, it's for patients from all over the world can communicate with them to provide the convenience.